Sharpshooter VR

  • City Target

E-Sports Shooter

Use pistols, rifles, shotguns and bows to compete in competitive e-sports shooter games! Shoot targets with real world physics and ballistics to test your skills of accuracy and speed. Sharpshooter VR is a virtual reality game designed to test your shooting skills in fast paced competitions!

With regular tournaments and a global leaderboard, you can see how you stack up against the best in the world as a sharpshooter!


3 Gun

3+1 Gun Competition in virtual reality! We bring the classic 3 gun competition to VR with an added twist. Using pistols, rifles, shotguns and bows to hit targets along a timed course to see who is the best shot in the world.

  • 3 Gun Steel Targets
  • 3 Gun Rifle Targets
  • 3 Gun Shotgun Targets
  • 3 Gun Archery Targets
  • 3 Gun Targets
  • Sniper Competitions

Sniper Competitions

Pair up with your favorite spotter and enter long range sniper competitions! Test your skills as both a sniper and a spotter to gauge distance, bullet drop, wind, etc. We plan on having regular tournaments to see who are the best snipers!

Trap and Skeet

Grab your favorite shotgun and play mini games like trap, skeet and sporting clays. Test your skills with a shotgun shooting clay pigeons in several mini games with real world rules. It has everything but the kickback.

  • Clay Pigeon
  • Archery Elk


Pick up your bow, grab some arrows and take aim at the bullseye! With many ways to show off your bow skills, you can use real world bows from major manufacturers in virtual reality. Whether you are practicing for a hunt or just refining your archery skills, you can do it all in here!

Darts with bows and arrows! Several traditional dart games and exclusive games available for play at launch. Play classic games like 301, cricket, and more in VR using bows and arrows! Challenge players from around the world and dominate your opponents!

Sniper Golf

Golf with guns! Shoot targets to advance in the course and just like in golf, the fewest shots wins the round. Whether you play it safe hitting close targets or risk a stroke on a target far away, your skill and strategy must be sharp to win at the highest level.

  • Sniper Golf City Target


Real World Weapons

Select your weapon from our collection of pistols, rifles, shotguns and bows based on real products from the world's leading manufacturers. We partner with the best of the best to bring you the most accurate ballistics and feel of the real world counterparts.

  • Infinite Edge Pro
  • Winchester SX4

True Ballistics

We accurately match the physics of flight for every bullet, pellet and arrow in the game. Variables such as gravity and wind are common in shooter games, but we take it a few steps further. Factors like air density, altitude, bullet rotation and the spin of the earth all determine the final trajectory of your shot.


Sharpshooter VR is ultimately an e-sports shooter with true to life weapons and physics, so what better way to see who is truly the best in the world than hosting regular tournaments. With help from our sponsors, we hope to see Sharpshooter VR grow to e-sports stardom!

  • Sharpshooter Gaming League